Mudiam Pay Card Solution(s)
Mudiam Pay Card Solution(s) Mudiam Pay Card Solution(s) provides the SAP® customer with integrated and secure payment card credit card processing. Our solution provides automated processing through our world class Token-Secure Server, whose token generation and management is compliant with PCI-DSS. Mudiam Payment card product provides quick, secure and real-time payment authorizations from leading payment gateways to secure your incoming electronic payment flows.

We are a leader in Payment Cards Credit Cards Automation Solutions for SAP® customers implementing Sales Distribution (SD), Finance (FI) and CRM modules. Our solution is certified by SAP® as an add-on product solution for Payment Cards Processing in real time.

We built the product with state of art technological Mudiam Web Services which are SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) compliant, providing secure PCI-DSS mandated encryption and tokenization capabilities. Our solution can be used by SAP® customers as well as Web-store clients. Solution offers extensive reporting and data analytic capability within SAP® and in the cloud.

Key Features