MUDIAM US Payroll Tax Calculator Engine

This US Payroll Tax Engine uses the Latest Federal Tax Rate Schedules to estimate your tax liability based on the Personal Income and Tax information that you specify. It is meant to calculate your actual tax for Federal Tax Authority - both Employee and Employer related payroll taxes like Withholding taxes, FICA and MEDICARE taxes as well as Employer Unemployment Taxes(FUTA).

This iphone based US Payroll Tax calculator is a simple design with seamless integration of a Raw C++ shared Library and Objective-C with iPhone OS. Latest iPhone SDK is used where iphone OS 3.1.2, Objective-C 2.0 and GCC - 4.2 are Used for the Application Development All Views are User friendly and can check result by modifying any individual values. This application uses simple Tab Bar and Navigation View Controllers with Tables sub views. User can Scroll, zoom-in zoom-out Output Views. Mild Animation effects are present to make User gives a real experience of swapping Views.