Mudiam US Payroll Tax Engine?

is an online payroll-tax calculation software provider for Federal and State Tax Authorities. By using US Payroll Tax Engine? - customers (Companies) can integrate their gross payroll software system with the TAX ENGINE to calculate Employee Taxes, Employer Taxes and NET Pay for their own employees in the organization. All payroll calculations are based on Pay Check Date, applying the tax rules and appropriate tax rates and tables for different tax authorities.

Integration Services

We can integrate your gross payroll system with our tax engine. This includes migration of your employee master data, payroll data from legacy system to our state of the art payroll system.

Data Validation Services

we can help you verify your employee tax(s), to make you are complying with pay-as-you-go tax(s) for IRS to avoid end of the year tax penalties for your Organization by using Compliance Check of your payroll data, even if you use different Payroll Vendor.