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Human Capital Management has become a critical issue for executives and line managers who understand that peak performance requires the aforementioned conditions. The challenge, however, is to take an individual's knowledge and leverage it to the benefit of the entire enterprise. This has led to the development of a wide range of new technologies, and consulting and implementation models that help organizations create such workplace environments. The e-learning environment within a blended learning solution, in particular, is the approach that comprises all of these different and valuable modalities under one umbrella.

Key Challenges

Why SAP Was Selected

Implementation Best Practices

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Financial and Strategic Benefits

Operational Benefits

We like to look to the experts to get started but then dedicate our own resources since they'll be the ones supporting the software

The company selected SAP Learning Solution to meet its needs. "We prepared a business case, and it made sense. We could leverage our existing investment in SAP software and do a better job of developing our people,"

Our consulting team gets to know you, to understand your organization's key issues and culture and combines knowledge of your organization with our experience to create a learning strategy that addresses both your current needs and your organization's future direction

Learning solution, integrated with SAP ERP software, capable of managing and integrating all of your business and learning processes.

We experience and knowledge to deliver integrated solutions and drive tangible results in the public and private sectors. Our clients recognize us for having deep expertise and a collegial work style – qualities that enable us to get things accomplished based on your expectations and requirements, not ours.

SAP Enterprise Learning contains the following components:

SAP's Learning Solution uses a comprehensive learning approach that enables efficient knowledge transfer to all stakeholders and tailors learning paths to each individual's educational needs and personal learning style. This personalized learning offering, based on job, tasks, preferences, and existing knowledge, makes enterprise learning more efficient and empowers employees to manage their own career development.

We can evaluate your organization's current learning processes, infrastructure and tools to help you develop an integrated strategy, that addresses your organization's unique culture and business goals

We have much experience in providing software installations for clients worldwide, including substantial experience with SAP installations and learning systems.

We can provide end-to-end project implementation, including training and training documentation and solution-set documentation (process maps, specifications and test documentation).

We are expertise and knowledge to deliver integrated solutions and drive tangible results in a variety of public- and private-sector settings, including government, higher education, research, retail and manufacturing.