HCM Master Data Loader

Master data loader is a tool to load Master data into SAP Info Types through excel file. It provides an easy to use and cost effective solution for loading test or legacy data into SAP. Requires no special technical knowledge and can be used by any non technical end users as data is loaded through front end.

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Key Features:


When you need to load information into an SAP R/3 system from a legacy system, a set of tools that falls into the Data Transfer category are used. The old Data Transfer Workbench can be used, or you can combine the new tools with programs that you write to effectively manage a data transfer project.

Essentially, if Data Transfer technology is not used, the data must be manually entered. Manually entered data will, as a rule, be cleaner and cause fewer problems in the future. A number of factors go into the choice between manual entries of information vs. Data Transfer. Any large group of records (say 2000 or more) will probably need to be automated.

Anything less that 2000 can probably be manually input in less time than it will take to write and correctly test a conversion program.