SAP® ECC Enhancement Packages:

Master data loader is a tool to load Master data into SAP Info Types through excel file. It provides an easy to use and cost effective solution for loading test or legacy data into SAP. Requires no special technical knowledge and can be used by any non technical end users as data is loaded through front end.

SAP delivering business innovation to customers without disruption, SAP will release Enhancement Packages for SAP ERP 6.0 on a regular basis. Enhancement Packages are cumulative which means that each new Enhancement Package includes new innovations as well as all innovations delivered with prior packages. SAP Enhancement Package Installer (SAPehpi) this new tool is used to install SAP enhancement packages (EHPs) in existing systems, bringing functional system updates without going through an upgrade process. Optionally installed and activated software innovations for SAP ERP 6.0

Enhancement packages are not support packages:

Support Packages contain corrections and legal changes, SAP enhancement packages new functionality. With SAP EHPs you can selectively update software components. Matching combinations of software components, as well as PI/EP/BI content and Java software components are grouped by Technical Usages. Customers have had the opportunity to update their existing software applications to the latest version via enhancement packages (EHPs). Enhancement packages represent a new software delivery strategy which allows customers to modernize and innovates their business processes without the need of traditional upgrades. The first four generations of enhancement packages for ERP 6.0 have been delivered and successfully adopted in the market. Customers already running ERP 6.0 can directly install enhancement package 4, the latest available enhancement package for SAP ERP 6.0.

Enhancement Package vs. Support Packages:

SAP enhancement packages are optional packages that deliver new or improved business functions which can be selectively deployed. Support Packages on the other hand, contain corrections like bug fixes and legal or tax changes and are therefore mandatory. SAP recommends installing enhancement packages when applying a regular support package as a maintenance activity. This combined approach reduces the downtime and manual effort for the whole installation procedure and for the testing efforts.