ACHbiz Universal Solution

Achbiz - allows you to create ach files, check routing numbers and get the ABA Routing number database, Achbiz as the solution to create the ACH files in easy manner.

Payroll Dept – We can help you integrate your payroll software with our state of the art ACH file processing software, can be hosted as SaaS or installed as in-house application, to pay your employees salaries, taxes for as little as 10 cents - an ACH transaction with your financial institution, saving as much as thousands of dollars every pay period.

Bank Institution – With the help of our state of art ACH software, the bank can quickly view, edit and update ACH files to be processed on a daily basis, repeatedly for all kinds of SEC Codes, addenda(s) et al. They can quickly load our easy-to-use template(s) for different SEC Codes like CCD, PPD to make their ACH file process automation in a heart-beat.

Small Business Owner – With the help our ACH software, you may pay employees, vendors as well as collect recurring ACH debits from customers who owe you money by directly generating ACH files at your convenience, uploading to our financial institution in a snap. It's so easy to generate and process ACH files – saving my time, effort and money. It makes you so productive with your day-to-day task(s) for processing ACH payments. Why pay by check, this is much more safer, easier and cheaper – no mailing of checks, lost checks, and mail charges, on the top of this – typical check processing takes an average 5 to 7 days to get in encashed by your employees, vendors and customers.