ACH Payroll Tax Software

Depositing payroll taxes is a challenge. A number of SMEs and big businesses find challenges to deposit payroll taxes in timely manner. Failure to deposit on schedule ? would be very costly in terms of penalties for late payments including interests which are levied upon the employer by the taxing jurisdictions.

With our payroll tax deposit software ? you can deposit payroll taxes including withholding, social security, Medicare, unemployment, disability (SDI) and many more tax types. This cutting edge software solution handles federal tax deposits and state tax deposits for most of the 50 states.

Our software solution is flexible and smart. Your gross to net payroll processing can be either homegrown system or any ERP like SAP® or Oracle® or PeopleSoft® or any other commercially sold software. We have pre-built file specification for each authority and tax form or you can directly enter in our GUI screen where you can key in the payroll tax details. It's that simple. Once you feed in the input, we generate ACH CCD Addenda format file for that tax jurisdiction (say Federal) and the tax form (Federal941 form).

Now you can download this ACH CCD Addenda file and upload to your banking institution to deposit your payroll tax deposits. It's that simple

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